Déjeuner en enfer

Iraq fireman are trying to stop a fire at an oil well in Al Qayyarah (near Mosul, Iraq) after it has been set afire by ISIS. The photo resembles in a way the Déjeuner sur l’herbe – Lunch on the grass paintings by Edouard Manet (1863, Musée d’Orsay, Paris) and Claude Monet (1866, Pushkine Museum, Moscow, former collection of Sergueï Chtchoukin).




You conquered Rome, now you’ll conquer paradise

In former times is was the church or the monarch who wanted to impress with the best the world has to offer and big parades. Nowadays it’s the criminal world who wants to make a statement. The funeral of Vittorio Casamonica, member of the Casamonica clan, in Rome last August involved big banners, brass music from The Godfather,  a Rolls-Royce as a hearse, a helicopter dropping rose petals and gilded, horse-drawn funeral carriage,… A highly efficient display of maffia power!

118-Procession-du-Saint-Sacrement-I Inhuldiging-Karel-II-als-graaf-van-Vlaanderen_groot Vittorio Casamonica_4 Vittorio Casamonica_3 Vittorio Casamonica_2


Made in China: A Doug Fishbone Project

Dulwich Picture Gallery and conceptional artist Dough Fishbone executed an interesting experiment: Made in China. One of the pieces from the collection were exchanged with an contemporary copy from China and hung in the original frame. The public was invited to have a close look at the collection and find out the forgery. Out of 3000 participants (only) 347 pointed out the correct painting. Material for reflection…